So a friend just introduced me to this site…I have never used it before, nor have I used any other sites such as Soundcloud, Tunecore, CD Baby, Reverbnation, and the list goes on. It’s called SoundClick. Basically, it’s like a Facebook for musicians and artists looking to either distribute their music, upload their own videos, and to create their own personal member profile to make connections with other people on the site as well. It’s completely free like many of the other site mentioned, and again, it gives you the ability to name your own price for downloads as well where you are able to keep 100% of the profits. You can create your own blogs, take part in live discussions on message boards, you can rent musicians to perform at birthday parties, other gatherings, or if you need help on a project. SoundClick gives you options for the type of skill level you are looking for, and price range of the musicians that may be available for rent (for how sad that sounds, but that’s how they put it). You can find more information here.

There are two different accounts, one called a listener account (basic profile), and a band/artist account. This site in all honesty seems like a site where most members are just trying to put their beats up, and that’s all that seems to be Twittered about on this site as well, but for any artist hopefuls out there, this site could work for you. I’m not sitting on either side to whether or not this is a good site. It was just a recommendation from a friend, and you can find his blogs on WordPress here: azegal.

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