Digital Literacy Concepts

If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, and even your 40’s and don’t know the literacy of the current digital age of computers, it’s interesting to point out that a ten year old may know more than you. Just as an example, in an article written by Yoram Eshet-Alklai called Digital Literacy: A Conceptual Framework for Survival Skills in the Digital Era, Yoram writes, “Eshet (2002) explored the ability of users to perform tasks that require branching literacy by testing the ability of representatives of different age groups to perform the task of planning a trip to an unknown country by means of hypermedia navigation on the Internet. The findings reveal that the younger the participants, the higher their ability to perform the task successfully.”

Still, in my opinion, the toughest thing to do yet is researching and finding good, valid information online when you’re working on a project or simply are just curious about something. Because the internet allows pretty much anyone to post and write about what they want to online, it’s hard to determine what’s good information and what’s bad (Wikipedia is a great example of this since their editors can only do so much so fast). The common sense thing that I like to do is this: if the author who posted it can’t spell well or has bad punctuation, then I won’t bother reading whatever they have because what they say to me at that point is irrelevant.

Most importantly, it’s a very good idea to use nice, moral judgment when responding to others posts, posting your own on a particular subject, and when on Facebook or any other social networking site, because here is why: What you write will be broadcasted on the internet and nobody wants to see you bickering with other people online. You just look dumb when you do that and it’s completely unprofessional. If you want to be taken seriously, watch what you write and what you do anytime you post anything online. this may sound obvious, but it seems a number of people haven’t figured it out yet or take advantage of the ability to create a storm when they are not there in person. Anyone else believe that society is becoming more and more like Idiocracy?

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