CwF + R2B

Connect with fans and giving them a reason to buy is a great business model in the current music industry, and really in any industry, but what this model does is it puts the marketing of yourself as an artist in your own hands. It’s not the only thing that it does, but it forces you to be creative and to put forth much effort in trying to sell what you do and the music you make as a service, and not just a product. And as far as I know, this business model will drain record labels of any kind dramatically. And they should…all the labels have ever done is sell music as a product. One can argue that this model is bringing us back to how things used to be in terms of putting the focus back on owning hard copies of stuff (cd’s, artwork, vinyl, other merchandise), but there’s obviously much more that this business model has to offer. It’s important to note that selling music will not get any band anywhere in this world anymore, but sites like Bandcamp and Topspin are excellent sources to consider if you’re trying to get your music out to the public and make some money while doing it.

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