Artists, Musicians, and the Multimedia

This combination is becoming more and more intense as the internet continues to change the way humans beings interact, and since more accessibility means more competition on the world wide web, it’s becoming harder and harder for artists and musicians to get their name and music out there. Sure, a lot of times they’ll do these Twitter packages and Youtube is becoming way more commonly used for music, but the real trick in today’s society is how you communicate with your fan base, and that is now the ultimate goal for a better chance at fame, fortune, or just simply sharing the music you love to play in the music industry among us. As we all should know, record labels continuously hurt their relationship with their consumers, and at this rate, we won’t see any respect from them anytime soon, so again, if musicians and artists want to get their name and music out there, they have to keep it real with their fans, and by doing so involves staying in touch through Twitter, offering us discounts on their items or nice packages we’ll enjoy, performing kick-ass concerts, and in return, we give them the respect they deserve, and it’s all happening on the world wide web. One good thing that I enjoy is that more often now, you’re starting to see concerts streamed live online, or played on TV. Unfortunately, MTV and VH1 have seemed to have lost their ways, and I hope they do something about the Superbowl Halftime Show, but at least the Fuse network and the 101 network on Direct TV have been stepping up. Even more hotels are putting an emphasis on music, such as mine for example. We are constantly streaming music in our lobby some of the latest hits, but also popular hits from the years past as well. Connecting with people, the fans, is crucial, and it really comes down to who sells themselves the best. It will only become more and more competitive from here on out, that won’t change.

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