“The Galactic Network”

Let’s remember the name JCR Licklider. When I first learned about him, I was intrigued with his concepts of the internet, which was initially started by mentioning an “Intergalactic Network” in a series of memos which deemed him as the internet pioneer. Most interesting was his visions back in 1962 of a world wide network, which is the internet as seen and used today and he quotes “millions of people will use the web by the year 2000” and he couldn’t have been more spot on with this theory because the booming of the internet really took off at this time.

To many people, Licklider was remembered mostly by a book he wrote called the “Duplex Theory of Pitch Perception” when he studied in the field of psychoacoustics back in 1951. This book has been revised numerous times, which though credits back to Licklider for creating the modern theories of pitch as we have them today.

He has also worked in the field of Artificial Intelligence, but never believed that computers will take over or replace human beings and states “Men will set the goals, formulate the hypothesis, determine the criteria, and perform the evaluations. Computing machines will do the routinizable work that must be done to prepare the way for insights and decisions in technical and scientific thinking”. I guess we’ll see how that goes.

In my opinion, I think the name Intergalactic Network sounds so much better than the “internet” or the “world-wide web”. Just saying.

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