Time Signature Frenzy

It’s always been intriguing to me how talented some musicians are when it comes to playing crazy time signatures, let alone the other talent they have of just being able to play. I listen to a lot of metal, hard rock, and music as such (though I am also a fan of everything from piano music, to dubstep, to most alternative as well). Here I would like to share a video from a couple of musicians, one of them being from the band Meshuggah, who put together an awesome medley in which I’m not even sure where to start in terms of figuring out where and what time signatures they are playing in, but all I have to say is that this is very impressive, whether you like this kind of music or not, their abilities are very much respected.

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So a friend just introduced me to this site…I have never used it before, nor have I used any other sites such as Soundcloud, Tunecore, CD Baby, Reverbnation, and the list goes on. It’s called SoundClick. Basically, it’s like a Facebook for musicians and artists looking to either distribute their music, upload their own videos, and to create their own personal member profile to make connections with other people on the site as well. It’s completely free like many of the other site mentioned, and again, it gives you the ability to name your own price for downloads as well where you are able to keep 100% of the profits. You can create your own blogs, take part in live discussions on message boards, you can rent musicians to perform at birthday parties, other gatherings, or if you need help on a project. SoundClick gives you options for the type of skill level you are looking for, and price range of the musicians that may be available for rent (for how sad that sounds, but that’s how they put it). You can find more information here.

There are two different accounts, one called a listener account (basic profile), and a band/artist account. This site in all honesty seems like a site where most members are just trying to put their beats up, and that’s all that seems to be Twittered about on this site as well, but for any artist hopefuls out there, this site could work for you. I’m not sitting on either side to whether or not this is a good site. It was just a recommendation from a friend, and you can find his blogs on WordPress here: azegal.

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Digital Literacy Concepts

If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, and even your 40’s and don’t know the literacy of the current digital age of computers, it’s interesting to point out that a ten year old may know more than you. Just as an example, in an article written by Yoram Eshet-Alklai called Digital Literacy: A Conceptual Framework for Survival Skills in the Digital Era, Yoram writes, “Eshet (2002) explored the ability of users to perform tasks that require branching literacy by testing the ability of representatives of different age groups to perform the task of planning a trip to an unknown country by means of hypermedia navigation on the Internet. The findings reveal that the younger the participants, the higher their ability to perform the task successfully.”

Still, in my opinion, the toughest thing to do yet is researching and finding good, valid information online when you’re working on a project or simply are just curious about something. Because the internet allows pretty much anyone to post and write about what they want to online, it’s hard to determine what’s good information and what’s bad (Wikipedia is a great example of this since their editors can only do so much so fast). The common sense thing that I like to do is this: if the author who posted it can’t spell well or has bad punctuation, then I won’t bother reading whatever they have because what they say to me at that point is irrelevant.

Most importantly, it’s a very good idea to use nice, moral judgment when responding to others posts, posting your own on a particular subject, and when on Facebook or any other social networking site, because here is why: What you write will be broadcasted on the internet and nobody wants to see you bickering with other people online. You just look dumb when you do that and it’s completely unprofessional. If you want to be taken seriously, watch what you write and what you do anytime you post anything online. this may sound obvious, but it seems a number of people haven’t figured it out yet or take advantage of the ability to create a storm when they are not there in person. Anyone else believe that society is becoming more and more like Idiocracy?

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CwF + R2B

Connect with fans and giving them a reason to buy is a great business model in the current music industry, and really in any industry, but what this model does is it puts the marketing of yourself as an artist in your own hands. It’s not the only thing that it does, but it forces you to be creative and to put forth much effort in trying to sell what you do and the music you make as a service, and not just a product. And as far as I know, this business model will drain record labels of any kind dramatically. And they should…all the labels have ever done is sell music as a product. One can argue that this model is bringing us back to how things used to be in terms of putting the focus back on owning hard copies of stuff (cd’s, artwork, vinyl, other merchandise), but there’s obviously much more that this business model has to offer. It’s important to note that selling music will not get any band anywhere in this world anymore, but sites like Bandcamp and Topspin are excellent sources to consider if you’re trying to get your music out to the public and make some money while doing it.

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Artists, Musicians, and the Multimedia

This combination is becoming more and more intense as the internet continues to change the way humans beings interact, and since more accessibility means more competition on the world wide web, it’s becoming harder and harder for artists and musicians to get their name and music out there. Sure, a lot of times they’ll do these Twitter packages and Youtube is becoming way more commonly used for music, but the real trick in today’s society is how you communicate with your fan base, and that is now the ultimate goal for a better chance at fame, fortune, or just simply sharing the music you love to play in the music industry among us. As we all should know, record labels continuously hurt their relationship with their consumers, and at this rate, we won’t see any respect from them anytime soon, so again, if musicians and artists want to get their name and music out there, they have to keep it real with their fans, and by doing so involves staying in touch through Twitter, offering us discounts on their items or nice packages we’ll enjoy, performing kick-ass concerts, and in return, we give them the respect they deserve, and it’s all happening on the world wide web. One good thing that I enjoy is that more often now, you’re starting to see concerts streamed live online, or played on TV. Unfortunately, MTV and VH1 have seemed to have lost their ways, and I hope they do something about the Superbowl Halftime Show, but at least the Fuse network and the 101 network on Direct TV have been stepping up. Even more hotels are putting an emphasis on music, such as mine for example. We are constantly streaming music in our lobby some of the latest hits, but also popular hits from the years past as well. Connecting with people, the fans, is crucial, and it really comes down to who sells themselves the best. It will only become more and more competitive from here on out, that won’t change.

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“The Galactic Network”

Let’s remember the name JCR Licklider. When I first learned about him, I was intrigued with his concepts of the internet, which was initially started by mentioning an “Intergalactic Network” in a series of memos which deemed him as the internet pioneer. Most interesting was his visions back in 1962 of a world wide network, which is the internet as seen and used today and he quotes “millions of people will use the web by the year 2000” and he couldn’t have been more spot on with this theory because the booming of the internet really took off at this time.

To many people, Licklider was remembered mostly by a book he wrote called the “Duplex Theory of Pitch Perception” when he studied in the field of psychoacoustics back in 1951. This book has been revised numerous times, which though credits back to Licklider for creating the modern theories of pitch as we have them today.

He has also worked in the field of Artificial Intelligence, but never believed that computers will take over or replace human beings and states “Men will set the goals, formulate the hypothesis, determine the criteria, and perform the evaluations. Computing machines will do the routinizable work that must be done to prepare the way for insights and decisions in technical and scientific thinking”. I guess we’ll see how that goes.

In my opinion, I think the name Intergalactic Network sounds so much better than the “internet” or the “world-wide web”. Just saying.

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Just throwing this out there…

I don’t sit on one side or the other because in these types of situations, I try to be as neutral as possible, but being a single male as I currently am and using different dating sites as I have in the past, I noticed a really big trend that not much people, as I’ve noticed yet, have touched on. And it’s not looking good.

Ive used dating sites such as plentyoffish.com and okcupid.com, ect, and searching within the Minneapolis area, I noticed that there are more and more single mothers showing up on these sites than I have ever noticed before, most of which are between the ages of 20-25. Some sites I have visited, it almost feels like it’s a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio and this baffles me. Has anyone else noticed this growing trend? It’s pretty sad…

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